Your Price Booking’s Game-Changing Approach to Hotel Revenue

The hotel industry is very competitive and ruthless. To stand out from your competitors and increase your hotel’s revenue, you need to make a few changes that includes providing a very comfortable stay for your guests along with some complimentary amenities. Price booking game changing approach comes in when you are about to dig in hotel revenue management.

In this short guide, we will explore cutting-edge techniques combining the competitive market analysis and dynamic pricing which can help you boost your revenue and outsmart your competitors in hotel industry.

Breaking Free From Booking Fees

Breaking Free From Booking Fees

How Your Price Booking levels the playing field?

Looking to boost your hotel’s revenue? Maybe you’ve considered elevating your service standards or renovating your space. But those upgrades come with a hefty price tag. How about slashing your advertising and sales costs instead?

I feel your pain, hoteliers. The online booking service commission eats up 15% to 20% of every sale. It’s a shared agony among hotel booking platforms, you might think. Well, think again. It’s a nightmare for hoteliers.

Your Price Booking’s Solution for Hoteliers

Hilton, a hotel industry stalwart with over a century of experience, is valued at around $53 billion today. Compare that to the market leaders in online booking services, each valued at just over $100 billion. And they don’t even own hotels. They carve out a slice of the entire hotel business’s profits year after year.

So, what do these online booking services actually do for hotels? They bring in customers and make sales — great! But at what cost? “Competition will fix everything,” says Viacheslav Nikitenko, CEO of Your Price Booking.

In today’s world, information is still valuable, but its worth diminishes by the day. Why? Because competition among information providers is on the rise. Today, there’s GPT chat and a handful of imitators, relatively new services for accessing and processing information. See how they’ve changed the game.

Hoteliers’ woes — high aggregator booking fees and price parity — are curable! But it’s beyond the reach of hoteliers alone. They need a savior, someone to rescue them from the constant tolls and oppression imposed by online services.

Many booking aggregators now take on the role of processing payments for reservations and hotel stays, holding onto the money for weeks after the guest has left. This is particularly painful for emerging, new players in the hotel business. But there’s hope for improvement.

Enter Your Price Booking, now in test mode in New York City. User commission? Zero. Hotelier commission? Just 5%. And no price parity. Registration and verification are already open for all types of accommodations: motels, hostels, capsule hotels, apartments, or villas. Here’s the link for hoteliers: Your Price Booking.

Your Price Booking is rewriting the rules. It’s a new online service operating on the principles of WEB 2.0. Its primary goal is to verify and authenticate every booking listing added by hoteliers. It also displays user reviews and ratings. Hoteliers have access to a convenient dashboard where they can set any price for available bookings without being bound by price parity rules.

Price parity shouldn’t exist in a civilized market. That’s the problem Your Price Booking is solving.

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