Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked  – Real Photos Or Fake?

You must hear too much euphoria and too much pain both are destructive. The same is the case in the present situation when the Women’s Volleyball team at the University of Wisconsin after winning the Division I Volleyball Championship took some explicitly exposed group photos and they get leaked.

The Women Athlete Response

Women athletes considered the photos private. They got offended by the move and filed a case in the court for removing the photos and bringing the responsible to the law.

The University of Wisconsin Response

The University of Wisconsin seconded the student’s athlete measure to file the case. They are standing beside the students for justice. The sharing of sensitive photos is unauthorized and equivalent to breaching the privacy of our women’s volleyball team. The act is also against the policies of the University.

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The Police Department Response

The Police are investigating the multiple crimes matter. The photos were leaked purposefully and circulated from several forums that took a while. The police are sufficiently active to deal with it.

The Stance of Athletic Department

The athletics department also released a press release for supporting the Women’s Athletic Team of the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Wisconsin volleyball team leaked images:

wisconsin volleyball team leaked

A Legal Perspective 

Exposing one’s private part in public is considered a criminal offense in Wisconsin, USA. However, if it’s not a public place like the locker room or other places at the University of Wisconsin or any other place, the legal rules says the opposite. It’s not a crime anymore.

Those athletic women taking some private photos that are leaked and viral on the internet without the consent of the women is a crime. It is also legally permissible to file a case in the police department. The person who is responsible for the act will be brought to the law and penalized accordingly.

The Wisconsin rules are clearly stated that if someone posts private photos or any explicit material about others, the offender will going to face plenty of nine months in jail with a fine of 10,000 $.

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Final Result 

Police are not only investigating but also working on taking down the wisconsin volleyball team leaked images unedited from the internet.

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