Top 5 Business Opportunities in Hawaii

Hawaii is a myriad of islands that attract travelers across the globe 365 days a year. It is here that it is always warm, beautiful nature and the ocean.

Kauai, Hawaii
Hawaii big Island
Napali Coast, Hawaii

The islands are famous for the most active volcano in the world, Kilauea; the most massive mountain, Mauna Loa; and Volcanoes National Park. These are the places tourists want to see firsthand and imprint in their hearts and memory for a lifetime.

Volcanoes National Park

The number one tourist destination for those going to the United States for vacation. There is a large inflow of tourists and visitors in it. If you live in the highlands of Hawaii or are considering moving to Hawaii, try your own business.

Some Business ideas for Your own

This article offers you the top 5 profitable and easy business options that anyone can develop while living in Hawaii.

A Car Rental Agency

The business of renting a car would not be out of place in Hawaii. You, as the provider of a good one, are obliged to meet the demands of the younger generation as well. Note that car rental Honolulu under 21 is an acceptable service and quite realistic. But according to the law, car rental is allowed only from the age of 21. However, there are legal ways to bypass this restriction.

In addition to budget car rental Honolulu options, drivers under 21 are also allowed to rent large vans and SUVs. Often young people travel in a group.

Tourists of different ages are interested in renting. So a car rental business would be ideal, but costly.

A car rental agency in Hawaii

Popular cars in Hawaii

In Hawaii as a whole, the Compact is the most popular car type. 100% of travelers prefer to rent a car cheap and the compact type in Hawaii is the best way because of the good price, high availability, and practicality.

The Best time for a Car Renting

The best time to rent a car in Hawaii is November when prices are around $50 per day. December rates are up to $120 per day.

Car Rental Period

Seven days is the typical length of US cars for rent in Hawaii as a whole. For 7-days renting you will pay an average of $25 per day.

A Tourist Guide

A Tourist Guide

Since tourism is still the highest source of income in Hawaii, this means that travelers simply need the services of a tourist guide. If you are a resident of Hawaii, you can start this type of case. It is service-based, and you can start it without much of an investment.

After a while, you can expand and become an independent guide. Earnings strongly depend on the tourist season and the region. The more popular the destination and the more active the season, the higher the income bar.

An Individual Transfer

Similar to a taxi, but as an individual entrepreneur. You can also open a taxi company in the process. The transfer option also has a place in Hawaii. Quite often foreign tourists want after a long flight to get to a hotel room as soon as possible, and your service is just the perfect deal for them. You can bring and take people to the airport, and provide services to take them to famous locations.

The Advertising Business in Real Estate

According to recent market trends, the demand for real estate in Hawaii is growing. Wealthy people are buying real estate in Hawaii because the region is ideal for them to live in retirement, as it is quiet and peaceful. Start your own real estate advertising job.

To do this, develop a website and list properties for sale, and then post them on your website. You will make good money on a single transaction because it is commission based and you don’t need to invest any capital except for the development and hosting costs of your website.

Vacation Rental

Not only selling but also renting properties is a thriving business option. It is due to the large flow of tourists, which does not stop all year round. In addition to renting accommodation, tourists need to rent a car, which we mentioned earlier, rent a canoe, a boat, a bicycle, and so on. If you dive into this market, you will realize that the deal option is lucrative.

Vacation Rental

Additional business in Hawaii

Choose restaurants or bars as a successful business. Sell local delicacies and drinks and make a profit. If you are a professional photographer, the demand for photos will also be high. And don’t be embarrassed if travelers come with cameras and nice phones.


Whether you live in Hawaii, Honolulu, or another place, you can easily and quickly create a business that you will be interested in and will be in demand by tourists.

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