9 Most Attractive Casino Destinations Worldwide in a Nutshell

If you’re thinking of ‘getting away from it all’ and taking a well-deserved break this year, deciding on the right destination can be tricky. With logistics, funds, and weather to consider, the process of picking the best location for your vacation can be difficult. However, if you’re a gamer or gambler who’s thinking of enjoying some quality casino time on your trip, you could find that you’re spoilt for choice.

Let’s consider the top 9 destinations for a casino-focused holiday this year:

1. Macau, China

Macau, China

Since breaking free from Portuguese colonialism, the autonomous region of Macau has become a leading tourist destination and one of the most gambling-friendly destinations in the Chinese territories.

While Macau is well worth a visit due to its interesting multicultural heritage, unique gastronomy, and abundant tourist-focused attractions, the casinos hold the starring role here. Casino gamers of every taste and description should feel right at home playing in marvelous Macau, which currently houses more than 50 quality land-based venues.

The most popular (and indeed the largest) of Macau’s selection of casinos is undoubtedly the Venetian, a grand gaming resort modeled after its namesake in Las Vegas.

At the Venetian, you’ll not only be given the option to enjoy a gondola ride at the famous Grand Canal Shoppes, but you’ll also have a jaw-dropping array of casino games at your disposal. Other popular land-based casinos in the country include MGM Casino, Lisboa Casino, and Macau Palace, a unique ‘floating casino’ that’s proven popular with Hong Kong to Macau holidaymakers due to its close proximity to the island.

2. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo has become synonymous with class, glamour, and luxury, acting as the most famous embodiment of the opulent French Riviera. Monte Carlo could be your best bet if you’re looking for timeless casinos and iconic table games that emulate the classic vibes of ‘James Bond-style’ gaming venues.

Some of the best casinos worth your attention here include Sun Casino, Place du Casino, and the world-famous Casino de Monte Carlo. Just remember to pack your tuxedo!

3. Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada

As well as being a top choice destination for a September vacation, Montreal is a gambling lovers paradise. Canadian online casinos are amongst the most competitive in the world (thanks to their no deposit casino bonus offers), so it’s no surprise that the country (and Montreal in particular) is home to some world-beating land-based casino venues.

The most popular of these include the Casino de Montreal, a 24-hour gaming venue established in 1993 that currently holds the title of the largest casino in the region. Other top picks worth a roll of the dice in Montreal include the Playground Poker Club, which continues to attract poker aficionados from far and wide.

4. Canada is Also the iGaming Meca

Canada is Also the iGaming Meca

In recent years, Canada as a whole has emerged as one of the leading sources of quality online casino gaming, with changes to iGaming regulation fuelling a renaissance in the country. This means that online gamers can enjoy the best that the Great White North has to offer from the comfort of their homes without even having to make the trip.

These days, gamers can even make use of generous no deposit casino bonuses to play risk-free and enjoy world-beating game content without breaking the bank. Luckily, today you can easily access such bonuses by reading reviews or visiting some of this country’s best online casinos. Although Canada is one of our favorite choices when it comes to online casino extravaganzas, there are also some incredible land-based venues to explore, such as: Casino Niagara, Caesars Windsor Casino and Casino Rama Resort.

5. London, England

London, England

London is amongst the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, attracting around 21 million visitors from around the globe each year. But while England’s capital city is well-known for historical attractions such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, you may not realize that it also hosts a wide array of leading casinos, many of which have been in operation for over 100 years.

Notable land-based gaming venues worth visiting in London include Crockfords, the Hippodrome, Empire Casino, The Sportsman, and the famous Grosvenor Casino at The Rialto. If you’re looking for something a little less formal on your holiday, there are also countless sports betting venues and relaxed casinos dotted all around the city.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is arguably the spiritual home of casino gaming and probably the most a well-known gambling location in this list. As such, it’s no surprise that this gambling mecca is home to an incredible selection of diverse casinos to suit every taste. The most famous venues located around the Las Vegas Strip include the Venetian, the Bellagio, and the MGM Grand, whereas lesser-known casinos worth a visit include the D Casino and the Four Queens. Viva Las Vegas!

7. Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia

Regularly touted as one of the best cities to visit in South America, Bogota is another destination that deserves mention when it comes to casino-friendly getaways.

First founded way back in 1538, this historic city is home to around 39 quality land-based casinos, many of which provide an opulent and luxurious gaming experience that would suit holidaymakers down to the ground. Some of the most popular casino venues in the city include Casino Luckia, Millionaires Casino, the Ipanema, and the famous Casino de Montecarlo.

8. Paris, France

Paris, France

While it may be best-known for attractions like the Eiffel Tower and for its status as the most romantic city on earth, there’s more to Paris than just love and the Louvre. This bustling metropolitan city is home to a wide array of stylish and classy land-based casinos, where international visitors will be made to feel more than welcome. Notable Parisian venues worth ticking off your list include the Imperial Club Paris, Club Circus, Club Pierre Charron, and Le Club Barrière. The city is also known for its superb horse racing and dog track venues, which include the famous Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes and Longchamp Racecourse.</p>

9. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City, New Jersey

While the Garden State may not be quite as famous or illustrious as its counterpart in Nevada, New Jersey is, in fact, a quality destination for casino gamers of every description.

Located just a stone’s throw from New York City, New Jersey is a haven for casino lovers. The state has been continually attracting a growing number of gamer-tourists for years now, with the world-famous Atlantic City resort city acting as the main pull. Atlantic City was even named as the best gambling destination in the world in 2015, and with such a wide array of quality land-based venues on offer, it’s really no surprise.

Top casinos and gambling venues worth checking out in the state of New Jersey include Hard Rock Casino, Tropicana Casino, Borgata Casino and Bally’s Atlantic City Casino.

Book Ahead, Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Vacation!

Wherever you decide to get away from it all, try to do your research and book well in advance in order to get the most bang for your buck. While it’s easy to find safe and reputable land-based gaming venues in all of the locations listed in this article, take care to avoid illegal or unscrupulous casinos when on holiday.

This can minimize the risk of unnecessary financial loss and stress whilst ensuring that your holiday is a success, at least in terms of action in the games room! See you in the casino and bon voyage!

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