10 Reasons Why Travelers Inn Is The Perfect Place For Your Next Vacation

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Travelers Inn is your destination. The hotel has everything you need to make your next vacation memorable.

This hotel is perfect for anyone traveling with pets or children, from its location near downtown and all of the attractions to its cleanliness and service with a smile.

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The best thing about the location of Travelers Inn is that it’s close to everything! You’ll be able to walk (or bike) along the beach, visit local attractions like Ocean City and Annapolis, or head out into town for some shopping or food. All of this is within walking distance from our hotel.

Travelers Inn hotel

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Cleanliness is one of the most important things when it comes to traveling. It’s a good idea to ensure that you stay clean while you’re on vacation, and Travelers Inn is here to help with that!

You’ll be able to enjoy your trip knowing that our hotel has been thoroughly cleaned before you arrive. If there’s ever an issue with cleanliness at any time during your stay, we will address it immediately. This means no more worrying about germs or other unpleasantries being spread around by fellow travelers!

Service with a smile

You’re sure to feel welcome when you arrive at Travelers Inn. Our hosts will greet you with a smile and offer assistance with any needs during your stay. They are always available to help guests with anything they need, whether it be directions or recommendations for restaurants in the area.

In addition to being knowledgeable about the area, our staff members have been trained in hospitality to provide exceptional service throughout your vacation experience!

Travelers Inn is also pet friendly, so if pets are part of your family plan, don’t worry — we have plenty of accommodations available!


Luxury is defined as an item or experience with a high-quality level, but not necessarily one that costs a lot. In other words, many things in life are deemed “luxurious,” such as travel and leisure activities.

While these experiences can be expensive for some people to enjoy regularly (for example, flying first class), they also come with benefits like better service from staff members and more personal attention from your host/hostess when you arrive at the airport or hotel lobby.

If you ask someone what they think of when they hear the word “luxury” or see an advertisement for something labeled as “luxurious,”—the answer will vary depending on how well-versed each person is with those terms.

For example, some people might think about Beverly Hills mansions; others might associate luxury products with Louis Vuitton handbags; still, others may believe their idea comes from watching movies like The Godfather Part II where Michael Corleone says he wants his children to have more than just their father’s name (i.e., money). It all boils down to personal preference!

The view!

Once you’ve settled in, you’ll be glad to know that the view from your room is spectacular. The hotel is on top of a hill overlooking the city, so when you wake up and look out upon it all (and have breakfast at the restaurant or bar), you’re in for quite an adventure.

And while there are plenty of other things to do in this beautiful part of New York (and beyond), one thing everyone will love about Travelers Inn is its proximity to both airports: JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport are both within 20 minute drive away!

This makes getting around easy if you’re traveling alone or with friends—or even taking advantage of corporate discounts if they offer them!

Charming Yet Contemporary Interior Design

The design of Travelers Inn is both contemporary and cozy. The rooms are comfortable but not too casual. They’re clean and inviting, yet sophisticated enough to feel like a place you could spend time with friends or family during your stay.

The best part about this hotel is that it has a mix of old and new décor styles—which means you can find something that fits your personality! There are pieces from all periods in history on display throughout our property that make us feel proud when they’re taken out of storage for guests’ viewing pleasure (and even more so when one ends up being purchased by someone who loves them).

And if you happen to be traveling with children who love animals (or want some peace & quiet), then this hotel’s pet-friendly policy makes perfect sense. There’s even an off-leash dog area where your furry friend can run around without bothering anyone else while they get some exercise themselves!

Gourmet restaurant and café on site

Travelers Inn has you covered if you’re looking for a healthy and delicious meal. Our food is fresh and made in-house, so you can rest assured that everything on the menu is nutritious and delicious.

We have a full-service restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. Our gourmet chef prepares all of our meals from scratch using local ingredients whenever possible—which means you get to enjoy dishes like homemade quiche or salmon fillets with vegetables instead of processed meats or cheeseburgers!

Pet-friendly policy

You know the feeling. You’re on vacation and want to relax, enjoy your time away from home, and recharge. But one thing keeps getting in the way: your pet.

Travelers Inn has a generous policy regarding pets—and we mean it! Pet-friendly policies are becoming more common in hotels, but many still have restrictions or outright ban certain animals from their premises. Not only does Travelers Inn welcome pets with open arms (no matter how big or small), but they also offer several other perks for those who bring them along with them on vacation:

Pets must be kept on leashes at all times while inside hotel grounds; Pets must be cleaned up immediately following each use of any service provided by staff members;

All guests are required not to take advantage of spa services if they have dogs/cats present at check-in time; However, please note that pets will not be allowed in any areas where food is being prepared or served, such as dining room areas or pool decks unless accompanied by an owner who holds appropriate liability insurance coverage regarding damage caused by their animal(s).

Spa and wellness center on the property

Our spa and wellness center on the property is the perfect place to relax after a long day of sightseeing or treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage. In our fitness center, you can find everything from full body massages, facials, and pedicures to Zumba classes.

The yoga studio is also available for those who want to practice their poses at home while staying in hotels worldwide!

If you’re looking for something more active than stretching out on a mat with your eyes closed (or maybe not), there’s no shortage of things here that will get your heart racing: steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs are just some examples of what we have planned for guests’ relaxation needs when they visit us!

Book your next vacation at Travelers Inn.

Book your next vacation at Travelers Inn. We have the best location, service, and amenities to make your trip unforgettable!

Our staff is friendly and helpful. We offer free parking, free WiFi in every room (including guest rooms), a 24-hour business center with computer access, an onsite café that serves breakfast items daily from 6:00 AM until 11 AM, a fitness center with weight machines, treadmills, and ellipticals as well as showers that are available 24 hours per day.

If you’re looking for something more than a place to stay while traveling through town—we can help plan out whatever adventure might suit your needs best!


Travelers Inn is, without a doubt, the best place to stay in all of Victoria. The location is ideal, you will be so pleased with the service and amenities, and your travel experience can’t get any better than this!

We hope our list has given you some ideas on how to make your next vacation memorable at Travelers Inn.

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