12 Best Cheap Resorts in Florida On The Beach

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning resorts, but not all of them break the bank. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 12 Best Cheap Resorts in Florida on the Beach, that offer affordable accommodation without compromising on the experience.

From Wyndham Garden Fort Walton Beach to Palm Pavilion Inn, there is something for everyone. We have included reviews and photos of each resort to give you a better idea of what to expect during your stay.

Additionally, we will help you plan your journey to these affordable beach resorts and answer the question – are these resorts truly worth the price? So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready for an unforgettable vacation without breaking the bank!

1. Holiday Inn Resort, Pensacola Beach

Holiday Inn Resort

Located on the stunning Gulf Coast, the Holiday Inn Resort in Pensacola Beach offers a prime beachfront location with easy access to the warm turquoise waters.

The resort boasts a range of amenities, including private balconies, room service, and a heated pool for a perfect escape. Past guests have raved about the unspoiled natural gems and the resort’s world-class service, making it a top choice for budget travelers and families alike.

With attractions like Disney World and Universal Orlando just a short drive away, this resort is a great value for those looking for a family-friendly beach destination. Nearby state parks and the irrepressible Key West are worth seeing, making it an ideal base for an outdoor adventure.

2. Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort, Daytona Beach

Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort,

Nestled in the heart of Daytona Beach, Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort offers a budget-friendly escape with an array of amenities.

Guests enjoy beachfront access and a plethora of nearby attractions, making it an ideal choice for budget travelers. The resort has received rave reviews for its best value, especially when compared to other cheap resorts in Florida on the beach.

For those seeking an affordable yet fulfilling beach vacation, Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort provides a perfect escape, with warm turquoise waters and unspoiled natural beauty just a short walk away. With laundry facilities, a heated pool, and private balconies, this resort caters to both families and couples seeking a memorable stay in Daytona Beach.

3. Wyndham Garden Fort Walton Beach, Destin

Wyndham Garden Fort Walton Beach

Wyndham Garden Fort Walton Beach in Destin offers an affordable beachfront location with a pool and on-site restaurant. When choosing a resort, factors to consider include location, amenities, and proximity to attractions.

Other budget-friendly resorts to consider are Postcard Inn Beach Resort, Crystal Palms Beach Resort, and Gulf Winds Beach Resort. With careful planning and research, you can enjoy a memorable and affordable Florida vacation at one of these top cheap resorts on the beach.

4. Tropical Winds Oceanfront Hotel, Daytona Beach

Tropical Winds Oceanfront Hotel

Nestled on pristine Daytona Beach, the Tropical Winds Oceanfront Hotel offers an array of amenities, including an outdoor pool, hot tub, and fitness center.

Guests can choose from traditional rooms, suites, or penthouses, all at budget-friendly rates. Situated within walking distance of popular attractions, this hotel provides a prime location for those seeking a beachfront experience in Florida.

With warm turquoise waters and unspoiled natural beauty right at its doorstep, the Tropical Winds Oceanfront Hotel is a perfect escape for budget travelers looking to immerse themselves in the magic of Daytona Beach.

5. The Island Resort, Fort Walton Beach

The Island Resort

Nestled in Fort Walton Beach, The Island Resort presents affordable rates for beachfront accommodations with a plethora of amenities. Guests can indulge in the luxury of multiple swimming pools, hot tubs, and a fitness center.

The resort offers a choice of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom suites, each equipped with a kitchenette or full kitchen.

Positioned directly on the beach, it provides breathtaking views and easy access to water activities. Conveniently situated near popular attractions like Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park and Destin Harbor Boardwalk, The Island Resort ensures a memorable stay enriched with comfort and adventure.

6. Plaza Beach Hotel – Beachfront Resort

Plaza Beach Hotel

Cheap resorts in Florida on the beach escape to the Plaza Beach Hotel, a delightful beachfront retreat in St. Pete Beach that offers an array of amenities at an affordable rate.

Situated on the southwest Gulf Coast, this budget-friendly resort provides complimentary beach chairs and umbrellas for guests to relax by the warm turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Families and couples can enjoy the outdoor pool, on-site restaurant, and free parking, ensuring a stress-free stay.

Other affordable beachfront resorts worth considering include the Beachcomber Resort & Villas in Pompano Beach and the Lido Beach Resort in Sarasota. Embrace unspoiled natural beauty and exceptional value at Plaza Beach Hotel.

7. Palm Pavilion Inn, Clearwater Beach

Palm Pavilion Inn

Cheap resorts in Florida on the beach indulge in the ultimate beachfront experience at Palm Pavilion Inn, nestled on Clearwater Beach with breathtaking ocean views.

From standard rooms to spacious suites and charming cottages, this resort offers a diverse range of accommodations to suit every budget. Unwind by the heated outdoor pool or savor delectable meals at the on-site restaurant and bar.

With the beach just steps away, guests can relish the vibrant atmosphere and explore the plethora of dining, shopping, and entertainment options nearby. The amiable staff ensures a warm welcome, making Palm Pavilion Inn an inviting haven for a memorable getaway.

8. Best Western Hibiscus Motel, Key West

Best Western Hibiscus Motel

Uncover the inviting atmosphere and exceptional service at Best Western Hibiscus Motel, Key West. Experience the comfort and convenience of staying at this tropical allure with an island-inspired ambiance.

Explore the warm hospitality and memorable experiences that make it a perfect escape for budget travelers. The motel’s proximity to the old town and the Gulf Coast makes it a great family beach destination.

With warm turquoise waters and unspoiled natural beauty, guests can enjoy the inviting private balconies and heated pool. The Hibiscus Motel is worth seeing for those in search of Florida’s best beaches and outdoor adventure.

9. Fantasyworld Resort

Fantasyworld Resort

Nestled in the enchanting Southwest Gulf Coast, Fantasyworld Resort offers a unique vacation experience with its captivating allure and distinctive qualities. The accommodations provide the best value for budget travelers, with private balconies and room service for a boutique hotel experience.

Situated a short drive from the world’s most famous beaches and bustling attractions like Disney World and Universal Orlando, the resort is a perfect escape for outdoor adventure enthusiasts and families.

Guests can unwind by the heated pool or tiki bar after exploring state parks and stunning keys within walking distance. With laundry facilities, luggage storage, and a business center, Fantasyworld Resort ensures a comfortable stay amidst Florida’s warm turquoise waters and unspoiled natural beauty.

10. Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Cheap resorts in Florida on the beach delving into the vibrant atmosphere and amenities, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort exudes a retro-inspired charm with modern comforts. The family-friendly appeal and various recreational options make it a standout choice.

Exploring its distinct character reveals unique experiences and delightful amenities, providing guests with an unforgettable stay. The resort’s proximity to Universal Orlando and walking distance to Volcano Bay water park make it a prime choice for visitors.

With heated pools, tiki bars, and a private beach, the resort offers the perfect escape for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Whether enjoying the warm turquoise waters or the state parks nearby, Cabana Bay Beach Resort truly embodies the best of Florida’s unique offerings.

11. Boca Raton Plaza Hotel and Suites

Boca Raton Plaza Hotel and Suites

Nestled on the Gulf Coast in Boca Raton, Florida, the Boca Raton Plaza Hotel and Suites offers the best value with its beachfront location and affordable rates. Guests can indulge in a heated pool and hot tub, make the most of beach access and a fitness center, and explore nearby attractions like Mizner Park and Town Center at Boca Raton.

The resort provides various room types, including oceanfront rooms and suites, each featuring private balconies. Perfect for budget travelers and located within a short drive from Miami Beach, this boutique hotel is a prime choice for those seeking warm turquoise waters and unspoiled natural beauty.

12. Treasure Island, Florida

Treasure Island, Florida

Nestled on the southwest Gulf Coast, Treasure Island, Florida, is a perfect escape for budget travelers seeking unspoiled natural beauty and warm turquoise waters. This family-friendly destination offers a short walk or drive to popular attractions like Disney World and the vibrant nightlife of St. Pete Beach.

The affordable beach resorts here provide amenities like private balconies, room service, and heated pools, making them the best value for a relaxing vacation.

Visitors can enjoy outdoor adventures at nearby state parks, take a short drive to the irrepressible Key West, or explore the stunning keys and spectacular courses of the region. Treasure Island truly offers a perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor fun.

Cheap Resorts Review and Photos

Reviewing budget-friendly beach resorts in Florida, guests share their real experiences and ratings, providing valuable insights for budget travelers. Stunning photos allow you to visualize your stay, from private balconies to heated pools near the warm turquoise waters of the Gulf Coast.

Plan your journey to these resorts, whether it’s a short walk to Siesta Key or a quick drive to the unspoiled natural beauty of Tigertail Beach.

Discover their proximity to popular attractions like Disney World, Miami Beach, and Universal Orlando, making them the perfect escape for families or couples seeking an affordable beach retreat. Explore the worth-seeing state parks, spectacular golf courses, and nearby boutique hotels, ensuring the best value for your budget-friendly vacation.

Real Guest Ratings and Experiences

Gain valuable insights from the firsthand experiences of guests at budget beach resorts. Authentic reviews from guests staying at these resorts offer memorable moments and practical tips for budget travelers.

Explore the unspoiled natural beauty of the Gulf Coast or the warm turquoise waters of Miami Beach, all within walking distance.

Discover the best value resorts on the Southwest Gulf Coast with private balconies and heated pools. From the spectacular courses in Naples to the stunning keys of Key Largo, these budget beach resorts offer the perfect escape for outdoor adventures.

Visualizing Your Stay through Photos

Immerse yourself in the visual appeal of budget beach resorts as you explore the ambiance and facilities through captivating photos.

Experience these stunning visual representations, visualizing your perfect stay at affordable beach resorts. Get a glimpse of the scenic beauty and amenities, allowing you to plan your journey with ease.

From private balconies to heated pools, these photos showcase the unspoiled natural beauty of the Gulf Coast and the warm turquoise waters. Whether it’s a short walk to the beach, a tiki bar by the pool, or state parks worth seeing, the photos provide a perfect escape into the world of Florida’s best-value beach resorts.

Planning Your Journey to Florida’s Affordable Beach Resorts

Exploring the proximity of budget beach resorts to popular destinations ensures convenience during your visit. Selecting budget beach resorts near major landmarks offers easy access and a seamless travel experience.

Gain insight into the best budget beach resorts for easy travel planning, choosing options that offer accessibility to popular destinations.

Planning your visit to budget beach resorts situated near key landmarks maximizes your time for exploration. By ensuring that the selected resorts are within walking distance or a short drive from major attractions, budget travelers can make the most of their Florida adventure.

Distance from Major Landmarks

Explore the proximity of budget beach resorts to prominent attractions, offering easy access to nearby landmarks.

Discover the distance of these resorts from major landmarks and plan your itinerary with resorts located close to popular destinations.

Choose budget beach resorts situated near key landmarks for convenient access, ensuring that your stay is within walking distance or a short drive from the best value locations. Whether it’s the southwest Gulf Coast, Miami Beach, or the world’s most famous beach, ensure that your resort offers easy access to these attractions, allowing you to make the most of your visit to Florida.

Popular Destinations Nearby

Embark on an exploration of the attractions and activities surrounding your chosen budget beach resort. Discover the excitement of popular destinations situated in close proximity to these affordable retreats.

Plan your itinerary to include visits to nearby locations that offer convenience and adventure, all within a short drive or walking distance from your budget beach resort.

Ensure that your stay includes easy access to popular attractions and convenience for your travel plans. Experience the best value for your stay by choosing budget beach resorts that offer accessibility to popular destinations, making it easy to maximize your vacation experience.

Are These Resorts Truly Worth the Price?

Evaluate the value and quality of budget beach resorts to determine if they offer exceptional experiences at an affordable price. Assess the worthiness of choosing budget beach resorts for your stay and explore their value proposition in relation to pricing. Understand if these resorts truly provide a worthwhile experience for guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most affordable beachfront resorts in Florida?

Looking for affordable beachfront resorts in Florida? Consider The Seahorse Oceanfront Inn in Neptune Beach, offering budget-friendly accommodations right on the beach. Gulf Winds Resort in St. Pete Beach is another great option, with wallet-friendly rooms and direct beach access.

For ocean-view rooms at an affordable price, check out The DeSoto Oceanview Inn in Hollywood Beach. The Flamingo Motel and Villas in St. Petersburg also offers budget-friendly accommodations near the beach.

Are there any all-inclusive resorts in Florida that fit within a budget?

While exploring all-inclusive resorts in Florida, you might wonder if there are any that fit within a budget. Fortunately, there are affordable options available such as Club Med Sandpiper Bay and Sirata Beach Resort. Just remember to research and compare to find the perfect all-inclusive resort for your budget.

What amenities can I expect at a cheap resort in Florida?

When staying at a cheap resort in Florida, you can expect basic amenities such as a swimming pool and free Wi-Fi. Some resorts may also offer complimentary breakfast or on-site dining options. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you might find additional amenities like beach access, fitness centers, or spa facilities. Research thoroughly to find the right resort that fits your budget and offers the amenities you desire.

Are there any tips for finding discounted rates or deals on beach resorts in Florida?

Finding discounted rates or deals on beach resorts in Florida can be easier than you think. Consider booking off-season or mid-week stays for cheaper rates. Subscribe to travel website newsletters and check the social media pages of resorts for exclusive discounts. Utilize comparison websites to find the best deals available.


To wrap up, Florida offers numerous affordable beach resorts that provide a perfect getaway for those on a budget. From the Holiday Inn Resort in Pensacola Beach to the Treasure Island in Florida, each resort has its unique charm and amenities.

Planning your journey to these resorts can be an exciting adventure, and with a little research and careful consideration, you can find the perfect choice for your vacation.

While these resorts may be cheap, they still offer quality services and stunning beachfront locations. So, if you’re looking for a memorable beach vacation without breaking the bank, these cheap resorts in Florida are definitely worth considering.


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