25 Fun Things to Do in Nashville TN for Couples You Haven’t Heard Off

Embarking on a couples getaway to Nashville, Tennessee? Get ready to immerse yourselves in the vibrant energy of Music City while discovering hidden gems and unique experiences that promise to make your trip unforgettable. From charming date night spots to adventurous outings, we’ve curated a list of 25 fun things to do in Nashville for couples that go beyond the usual tourist attractions. So, pack your bags, hold hands, and let’s explore the lesser-known delights of Nashville together!

1. A Romantic Date at the Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry

Indulge in a live performance at the iconic Grand Ole Opry, renowned as the heart of country music. Delve into the history of this legendary venue with a backstage tour. Before the show, dine at one of the nearby restaurants for a memorable evening. Wander through the picturesque Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, exploring art exhibits hand in hand. Unwind with a picnic amidst the peaceful grounds, perfect for quality time together.

2. Guided City Tour: Discovering Nashville Together

Guided City Tour: Discovering Nashville Together

Embark on a journey through Nashville’s rich history and vibrant culture with a guided city tour. Delve into the city’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems while knowledgeable guides unravel the tapestry of Nashville’s music scene.

Immerse yourselves in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the city as you enjoy a relaxing and informative experience together. This guided exploration offers a perfect opportunity to create lasting memories and deepen your connection as a couple amidst the charm of Nashville’s bustling streets.

3. The Parthenon: A Taste of Greece in Nashville

The Parthenon: A Taste of Greece in Nashville

Experience the grandeur of a full-scale replica of the ancient Greek Parthenon, featuring a majestic 42-foot statue of Athena. Wander through Centennial Park, soaking in the picturesque surroundings and history. Engage in a guided tour to delve deeper into the architecture and significance of this iconic Nashville gem. Capture memorable moments with your partner to cherish in your couple’s retreat memento.

4. The Belle Meade: Celebrating History and Wine

The Belle Meade

Delve into the captivating past of the Belle Meade Plantation, soaking in its fascinating history. Savor the experience with a delightful wine-tasting session at the Belle Meade Winery. Embark on a guided exploration of the scenic grounds and lush gardens, immersing yourselves in the charm of the surroundings. Elevate your date night with an unforgettable touch by participating in one of the exclusive events or special tastings offered at Belle Meade.

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5. The Unique Experience at Bluebird Cafe

Bluebird Cafe

Immerse yourselves in the vibrant music scene of Nashville with a visit to the renowned Bluebird Cafe, a beloved music venue famous for its intimate performances and nurturing up-and-coming songwriters.

Experience live music while savoring cocktails in a cozy setting steeped in musical history. Ensure a memorable evening by making reservations in advance due to the venue’s popularity, especially on weekends. Discover the magic of this legendary spot, offering couples a unique opportunity to enjoy quality time together in the heart of Nashville’s music culture.

6. A Day Out at Pinewood Social: Bowling, Pools, and More

A Day Out at Pinewood Social

At Pinewood Social, engage in a friendly game of bowling or try your hand at bocce ball. Unwind by the outdoor pool or enjoy a cocktail in a cabana. Indulge in Southern comfort food at the restaurant and savor craft cocktails from the bar. Immerse yourself in live music or catch a movie screening at this vibrant Nashville venue.

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7. Shopping Together in the 12 South Neighborhood

12 South Neighborhood

Explore the diverse boutiques and shops in 12 South, famous for its trendy shopping scene. Discover unique artisan goods, vintage treasures, and exclusive stores for ideal souvenirs or gifts. Enjoy a stroll along 12 South Avenue, popping into charming shops and cafes. Treat yourselves to delectable snacks at the neighborhood’s eateries or bakeries. Immerse yourselves in the lively atmosphere of 12 South, creating lasting memories as you uncover new treasures together.

8. Artistic Date at First Art Museum

Artistic Date at First Art Museum

Immerse yourselves in local art at the First Art Museum, with its diverse collection and interactive displays. Participate in special events or workshops to engage with the art scene together. Get creative at the Martin ArtQuest Gallery and enjoy a romantic picnic in the outdoor sculpture garden amidst stunning artworks. Remember your artistic date with a unique piece from the museum’s gift shop.

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9. Reliving Music History at Johnny Cash Museum

Johnny Cash Museum

Exploring the musical journey of the legendary Johnny Cash is a must at the Johnny Cash Museum. Witness unique artifacts, exhibits, and memorabilia that vividly depict Cash’s profound influence on the music scene. Engage with interactive displays that truly immerse you in Cash’s captivating story. Gain insights into his trials, victories, and the significant mark he left on the industry.

10. A Romantic Stroll Down Lower Broadway

Romantic Stroll Down Lower Broadway

Taking a leisurely walk down Lower Broadway in Nashville offers a romantic setting with its live music venues and honky tonk bars, ideal for an evening out. Immerse yourselves in the vibrant downtown atmosphere as you hold hands and enjoy the live music.

Make sure to visit iconic spots like Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and Robert’s Western World for an authentic Nashville experience. Capture memories amidst the neon lights and bustling crowds. Conclude the night with a delightful dinner at one of the diverse restaurants, offering Southern classics and upscale dining options, enhancing your romantic experience.

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11. Visiting the Nashville Farmers Market Together

Nashville Farmers Market Together

Explore the diverse offerings at the Nashville Farmers Market, from fresh produce to artisan crafts. Delight in a meal at one of the food stalls or eateries on-site. Engage in culinary experiences like cooking classes or food events. Embrace the local community by supporting farmers and artisans through unique purchases. Immerse yourselves in the bustling ambiance of the market, soaking in the vibrant local culture.

12. A Culinary Journey at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Indulge in a delightful dinner at Cafe Lula, the museum’s restaurant. Embark on a culinary exploration of Nashville’s rich food heritage, savoring Southern cuisine intertwined with music’s influence. Engage in cooking classes together, honing new skills while cherishing the unique fusion of food and music in Nashville, a captivating destination for couples.

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13. Brewery or Distillery Tour: For the Love of Craft

Brewery or Distillery Tour

Embarking on a brewery or distillery tour in Nashville allows you to delve into the craft beer and spirits scene of the city. Learn about the intricate brewing or distilling process while sampling a variety of beverages, potentially finding a new favorite drink to enjoy together. This interactive experience not only provides entertainment but also supports local businesses in the craft beverage industry.

14. A Romantic Dinner at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Indulge in a romantic dinner at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, amidst the backdrop of stunning flowers and plants. Wander through the gardens hand in hand, savoring the peaceful ambiance. Delight in a delectable meal at the onsite restaurant, showcasing locally sourced ingredients and seasonal specialties. It’s a serene setting, perfect for quality time with your loved one, capturing memories with photos of this special evening.

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15. Hiking Adventures for Couples

Hiking Adventures for Couples

Embark on a journey through nature’s beauty at Radnor Lake State Park, where scenic trails await exploration. Stroll hand in hand through the picturesque Warner Parks, savoring moments of togetherness. Challenge yourselves with a rewarding hike to the summit of Mount LeConte, an adventure filled with excitement.

Have a romantic picnic amidst the serene surroundings of Percy Warner Park, creating memories to cherish. Uncover the allure of hidden waterfalls along the trails at Cummins Falls State Park, sharing in the magic of discovery.

16. Couple’s Massage: Relaxation and Connection

Couple’s Massage

Indulge in a couple’s massage to unwind and relax together in Nashville. Experience the benefits of a professional massage in a romantic ambiance, fostering improved communication and intimacy. Treat yourselves to a luxurious spa session during your getaway, enhancing your connection amidst the serene surroundings.

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17. Visit to The Hermitage: Walk Through History

Visit to The Hermitage

Explore the legacy of President Andrew Jackson at The Hermitage, his former estate. Engage in a guided tour of the mansion and grounds to delve into the history surrounding this influential figure. Wander through the serene gardens and tranquil surroundings while immersing yourself in the estate’s rich past. Delight in the museum’s array of artifacts and exhibits showcasing President Jackson’s life and presidency.

18. Food Sampling: Eat All The Food

Food Sampling: Eat All The Food

Exploring the Nashville Farmers’ Market offers a vibrant array of local and international cuisine to indulge in. Embark on a culinary journey through Nashville’s top eateries, including must-try hot chicken delights. Savor Southern comfort staples at renowned spots like Loveless Cafe or Hattie B’s Hot Chicken.

Delight in the diverse flavors of local craft beers and spirits at the city’s breweries and distilleries. Cap off the day with a romantic dining experience at upscale venues such as The Catbird Seat or Husk, making it a memorable gastronomic adventure in Nashville.

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19. Experiencing Nashville Hot Chicken Together

Experiencing Nashville Hot Chicken Together

Sharing a plate of Nashville’s famous hot chicken can be a unique and memorable experience for couples exploring the city. Nashville is renowned for this spicy fried delicacy, offered in various eateries, each adding their twist to the dish. It’s an opportunity to try something new together in a vibrant culinary scene. Remember to keep water or milk handy to cool down the heat while enjoying this classic Nashville dish.

20. Making Biscuits and Gravy with the Southern Belle Biscuit Co.

Gravy with the Southern Belle Biscuit Co.

Indulge in a culinary adventure by discovering Nashville’s top BBQ spots and savoring spicy hot chicken. Immerse yourselves in the charm of the Grand Ole Opry for an unforgettable evening. Step back in time at the historic Belle Meade Plantation, complete with delightful wine tastings.

Enjoy a leisurely tandem bike ride through the picturesque Shelby Bottoms Greenway. Enhance your cooking skills with a fun class at the Loveless Cafe, mastering Southern classics. Dive into Nashville’s rich music history at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, creating lasting memories together.

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21. Line Dancing Class: Step in Sync

Line Dancing Class: Step in Sync

Embark on a line dancing adventure to groove to country beats and pick up new moves. Head to a honky-tonk bar post-class to flaunt your newfound skills. Bond over laughter and fun, all while enjoying a light-hearted dance session together. Not only is it a delightful way to connect, but it also offers a chance to burn off those scrumptious Nashville delights, ensuring a blend of fun and fitness in your couple’s escapade.

22. A Date at the Tennessee State Museum

Tennessee State Museum

Embark on a journey through the history and culture of Tennessee alongside your partner at the Tennessee State Museum. Marvel at the diverse exhibits and artifacts that highlight the state’s vibrant heritage, immersing yourselves in its rich tapestry. Engage in special events or exhibitions that might coincide with your visit, adding an extra layer of excitement to your experience. Discover new insights together, forging enduring memories in this enlightening setting.

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23. Attending a Sporting Event Together

Sporting Event Together

Attending a sporting event in Nashville offers couples a chance to bond over their favorite teams, like the NFL’s Tennessee Titans or NHL’s Nashville Predators. Whether it’s football, hockey, or minor league baseball, it’s a memorable experience for a getaway. Enjoy the game atmosphere and indulge in stadium snacks and drinks while cheering on your team.

24. Wine Tasting at a Local Winery or Vineyard

Local Winery or Vineyard

Indulge in the local wine scene in Nashville, savoring delightful wines in a leisurely setting. Immerse yourselves in the winemaking process, discovering diverse grape varieties used in wine production. Select a bottle of your preferred wine as a memento from your memorable couples’ retreat.

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25. Romantic Ride on the General Jackson Showboat

Ride on the General Jackson Showboat

Embark on a romantic journey aboard the iconic General Jackson Showboat as you cruise down the Cumberland River. Savor a delectable meal while soaking in the vibrant sights and sounds of Nashville from the water. Dance to live music and entertainment under the starlit sky, creating cherished memories with your beloved on this one-of-a-kind experience in Music City.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique activities for couples to do in Nashville, TN?

Enjoy a charming horse-drawn carriage ride around downtown Nashville. Immerse yourselves in live music at the iconic Ryman Auditorium. Stroll through the serene Cheekwood Estate & Gardens for a romantic day out. Experience Nashville’s skyline from a hot air balloon for an unforgettable view.

Are there any hidden gems or lesser-known spots in Nashville that are perfect for couples?

Fun Things to Do in Nashville TN for Couples, Discover hidden gems in Nashville for couples. Enjoy panoramic views at Love Circle Park, perfect for a romantic picnic. Explore the artsy East Nashville neighborhood with its local shops and street art. Stroll through Cheekwood Estate & Gardens for tranquility amidst nature. Admire rare vehicles at Lane Motor Museum.

How can couples make the most of their getaway to Nashville?

Fun Things to Do in Nashville TN for Couples, Explore the vibrant music scene of Nashville with live venues and concerts. Delight in Southern cuisine at local eateries. Immerse yourselves in the city’s history through museums and art galleries. Relax with romantic walks in parks or along the riverfront in Nashville.

Are there any romantic restaurants or cafes in Nashville that are worth visiting for couples?

Fun Things to Do in Nashville TN for Couples, The Treehouse Restaurant offers a whimsical setting, while The Chef and I provide an intimate chef’s table experience. Try The Farm House for cozy farm-to-table delights or opt for a sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance at The Southern Steak & Oyster.


Fun Things to Do in Nashville TN for Couples offers a myriad of romantic and exciting activities for couples to explore and create unforgettable memories together. From music history at the Johnny Cash Museum to culinary delights at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, there is something for every couple’s taste.

Whether it’s a relaxing couple’s massage or an adventurous hike, Nashville has it all. Don’t miss out on the unique experiences this vibrant city has to offer, making your getaway truly special and memorable. Embrace the charm and warmth of Nashville with your loved one, one activity at a time.


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