14 Must-Visit Places in Houston to Explore with A Car Service

Looking to explore something unique and cultural to evaluate your fun experience? well, nothing else but Houston is the best place to visit. Houston is a vibrant and exciting city that offers a unique experience to visitors of the world.  So, if you want to discover Houston’s beauty and its most visited areas like the space center and Houston Zoo, hiring a car service Houston is essential to make your trip amazing and convenient.

14 Must-Visit Places in Houston to Explore with A Car Service

Car service provides ease of mind and makes your trips even more enjoyable and memorable.  In this guide, you will discover the 14 must-visited places in Houston with a car service. Let’s get started!

1. Space Center Houston

1. Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is an official visiting place of NASA. It is also known as the Johnson Space Center. It is a huge compound, where visitors can walk and stroll through a life-size replica of the shuttle. What’s more exciting? In this space center, you can wander the first space station of America and touch a rock of the moon.

2. Dinos Alive Houston

2. Dinos Alive Houston

A life-size animated Jurassic venue showcases life dinosaurs as an exhibition.  In this exhibition, Visitors can interact with over 80 life-size moving dinos that represent their different varieties and species. Plus, the visitors can see amazing animals in their natural habitat.

3. Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo is a popular destination for maximum visitors and animal lovers too. By using car service visitors can reach the zoo easily and explore it with fun. Houston Zoo holds over 6000 animals and is spread across 55 acres of land. This zoo also contains an information center for animal lovers or who are interested in zoology.

4. Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of the best and famous museums in the city.  Indeed, it’s a fun outing for all age visitors. The beauty of this museum is that visitors explore something that is still alive like Cockrell butterflies and more than 1500 insects flutter around the museum.

5.  Livestock Show & Rodeo

  Livestock Show & Rodeo

Livestock Show & Rodeo is the biggest annual event in Houston. It’s a 20-day event or fair that calls the whole city out in February or March. Probably, visitors wanted to go to Houston in February or March to enjoy this event. This activity can enjoy the whole family and it is more about livestock and the Rodeo shows.

6. Unique Dining Experience in Houston

Unique Dining Experience in Houston

Indeed, chefs of Houston put this city on the world map of America, with delicious cuisine and food attraction.  Did you know the best part? The best part is, the options you have are endless. Traditional dishes to Latin American, Mexican, Asian, and other countless cultural options visitors will find there.

7. Houston Museum District

Houston Museum District

Houston Museum District is one of the best museums in Houston city regarding cultural attractions.  19 beautiful museums in the area are open to the public. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Children’s Museum of Houston, the Museum of Natural Science, and the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston are highlighted in the area.

8. Art Car Museum

Art Car Museum

If you are in Houston and book a car service to visit Houston, then you must visit the Art Car Museum.  Here you will find every type of car that is used as the medium for interesting and unique artwork. Furthermore, the artwork, featuring of cars fixed on display walls to attract visitors.

9. William Tower

William Tower

The William Tower is a 64-story art deco office located in the uptown district of Houston. Certainly, it is a famous spot that attracts tourists and offers them breathtaking views from the top of Houston city.  This tower functions like two buildings to meet tenant’s requirements each with its separate elevators, lobbies, and garages.

10. Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is 160 acres of green space in Houston that walks through the city. In addition, the slow-moving water of Buffalo Bayou is the main point.  This park is like the hub of walking and bike trails, dog parks, sculptures, and a shaded area for a relaxing time.  Also, a specific site in Buffalo Bayou is Cistern, which is an old drinking water in 1926 and now changing in art installation.

11. Gerald D.  Hines Water Wall Park

Gerald D.  Hines Water Wall Park

Gerald D. Hines Water Wall Park is a 2.77 arc park located in Uptown Houston and covered with dozens of live oaks. This park showcases an impressive multi-story sculptural fountain that is covered with concrete large walls.  These walls present a massive arch and 46,500 square feet of water in front of them and the tower’s shape is 64 feet above the ground.

12. Houston Nature Center and Arboretum

Houston Nature Center and Arboretum

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is a non-profit organization, that helps to survive or maintain the wildlife habitat.  If you want to be a visitor to Houston Nature Center, you may see a variety of animals or ecosystems and attend social workshops and events.

13. Sports Games in Houston

Sports Games in Houston

Want to see a sports game in Houston? That great idea, indeed sports fans have plenty of options. Thus, whether it’s about football, basketball, baseball, or any other, Houston is the house of games. The Texans play at Toyota Center and NRG Stadium, in Downtown Houston. On the flip side, for soccer fans, Houston is home to Houston Dash and Houston Dynamo.

14. National Museum of Funeral History

National Museum of Funeral History

A museum is devoted to funerals in Houston.  It is 30, 500 square-foot building that displays a wide range of antique funerals. Thousands of visitors each year explore this museum and learn about coffins, hearses history, and the funerals of presidents. This museum is open Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 and Saturday, Sunday 12 noon to 4:00 pm.

Summing Up

Indeed, Houston is one of the best places to visit by using a car service. In 14 must-visiting places of Houston, unique and cultural museums are top of the list. Tourists can visit the space center, Zoo, livestock show, William Tower, Buffalo Bayou Park, and nature center to explore more about zoology. Lastly, Houston is the hub of museums and to discover them car service is essential.

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