Lakes In Florence That Will Soothe Your Soul

Florence is a Renaissance city filled with art masterpieces like terracotta-tiled dome and bell tower. It is the capital of the Tuscany region, Italy. Florence is also bestowed with about twenty lakes. If you feel tired from the hustling in the city, lakes are the places to find refuge and relaxation. Let’s dig into the details of the lakes in Florence. 

1. Lago di Bilancino 

Lago di Bilancino is an artificial lake with a surface area of 5 km2. The inflow and outflow of this lake are the River Sieve. This was formed with the manufacturing of the dam on the River Sieve. 

It is a great place to cool down and enjoy a day. You can fill your memories with the refreshing gardens and rolling hills. Paddle boats are readily available on the lakes to explore it. Remember to see WWF’s (World Wildlife Fund) forest reserves near the lake. 

2. Renai Lake 

Lake Renai is situated in Renai Park Signa, Florence. You can escape from the city’s heat and indulge in the lake’s calm water within 15 min of walking through the small town. The places around the lake are refreshing greenery filled with trees. 

If you are fond of waterskiing, horse riding, and water sports on the beach, you will never be disappointed to visit here. With the presence of a restaurant like Lotto Zero, you will never face any issues with delicious food while having a panoramic view of the lake. 

3. Tenuta La Querciola

It is a lake with emerald water in Florence. Because of the incredible lighting, It is illuminated at night, which makes it the perfect place for parties at night. Lake Tenuta La Querciola is no less fascinating in daylight because of fishing, windsurfing, and canoeing.

4. Lake Castel Ruggero

It is situated at the southern end of Florence, Italy. You can swim and have all the water sports at the lake. The most special thing about the lake is the presence of the historical hamlet and village Castel Ruggero just on its bank. The village was formed in 1150 because of the temporary settlement of a military camp of the troops of Roger II of Sicily. You can enjoy nature and history at the same time by visiting this lake. 

5. Lago Dei Pioppi 

It is the right, fun place to spend time with family and friends. You will always enjoy its panoramic views. Having lunch or dinner with lake fish, pasta, and meats with the calm sight of the lake is invincible at the best restaurants in Florence.  

The lake shore is best in the summer months with a warm ambiance. When you are at the lake, you feel you are in the middle of a living masterpiece where everything is walking and moving without missing anything. 

6. Lago di Peretola

It is another spectacular lake in Florence, Italy. You can see white flamingos at the beach. When they fly in clusters, the red color under their wings reveals, and they look striking against the blue sky. The long and green Molina caerulea at the bank of the lake serves as fences to protect the birds when they land in the water. 

Final Thoughts

Spending time with nature acts as an ecotherapy and takes away all of your moderate to mild depression. (Source:

Lakes with calm water and pristine forests connect you with the same emotional state of joy, calmness, and creativity and help you focus more on your daily tasks. Indeed, they are excellent natural places to visit and read about. 

Ferona Jose

Ferona Jose is a passionate travel writer and blogger at Travelistia. She has traveled throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Her writing focuses on cheap travel destinations, travel experiences, cultural insights, and travel hacks.

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