Know Everything About Is The Traveler Dead Destiny 2 Lightfall?

Is the traveler dead destiny 2 lightfall?

Destiny 2 is something beyond the games. The free-to-play game but expensive when you inevitably get addicted to it game has been out for nearly five years. Its latest expansion was the character of Witch Queen which was updated in February 2022.

What’s the Story of Destiny 2 Lightfall

After launching this character, the gamers were really concerned about is the traveler dead in Destiny 2 lightfall. Well, the history of Destiny 2 lightfall is so tricky. And you might have some questions in your mind that how to play this game. How do I increase my level? Is the traveler dead in Destiny 2 lightfall?

In this blog, we will cover all these questions and elaborates on everything about is the traveler dead in Destiny 2 lightfall.

What’s the Story of Destiny 2 Lightfall?

What’s the Story of Destiny 2 Lightfall

Light Fall is one of the shooting games which is created by Bungie. This game is a major expansion of Destiny 2. Additionally, Destiny 2 represented the 7th expansion and 6th year of the extended content of the game. This edition was released on February 28, 2023. The story of this game evolves around one of their leading characters cabal emperor callus. In this edition of the game, he leads its army of Shadow Legion Cabal toward tormentors’ attack secretly. After this secret attack is the traveler dead in Destiny 2 lightfall.

This lightfall addition added new content to the game such as new missions, characters, player vs player map, player vs player locations, weaponry, a new raid, and player gear. You can also enjoy the new feature of new dungeons, reprised raids, and original Destiny which was removed from last year’s release. This game released four seasonal content throughout the six years of the game.

Season of the Defiance (available alongside the expansion)

Season of the deep (Current season started on May 23, 2023)

Two future seasons will be released later this year

How to play (Mechanics)

The criteria to play this game is either easy as well as technical. The first thing you need to do is select the character. You can select male or female both characters and unlock the dance emotes as well. Another important option is character class. Here are the three options:

Hunter: The rogue/devil, who surpasses at tricky stabbings and subterfuge.

Titan: The tank, whose quality is to smash everything at blank range.

Warlock: The wizard, has the ability to strike from the sky and heals her allies as well as herself.

When you start this game and after getting complete access to three different subclasses: Void (purple space explosions) solar (fire damage) and the third one is Arc (lightning damage). You can also unlock the fourth-class Ice-themed subclass Stasis, after completing the main story of the paid light campaign. After completing all the stages, you will get to the answer of is the traveler dead in Destiny 2 lightfall

The Grind

Season Pass:

This game is all related to passing the battle in a limited time and unlocking the rewards and tiers as your level goes up. These tiers help you to craft new resources and unlock premium armor and weapons. These weapons and premium tiers last for a few weeks. This premium armor and weapons can be unlocked by silver or premium currency which can be bought in real-world dollars. You can spend more money and can unveil the reality behind is the traveler dead in Destiny 2 lightfall in this game.


This is all related to the daily and weekly changes that help you to get the rewards with some currency, experience, and resources. You can pick up them from shopkeepers, or in free-roam areas to fulfill the specific tasks in the game. A plenty that gives you experience will have an XP+ in the reward section. The more + signs mean the more experience. Some of the bounties also give bright dust which is a type of currency that helps you to buy weekly cosmetic items to enjoy the fullest.

The Gear/ Loot/ Reward


Any outfit, or gear you get in this game will be a quality one such as legendary gear which is in purple color, rare which is in blue color, and exotic which is in yellow color. Exotics are the best and help you to boost the abilities of your interest in different ways. If you want to play and want to enjoy the different challenges the Legendry class item is for you which is indicated by the purple background.


This game allows you to pick three guns at a time: energy, kinetic, and power. Some guns use heavy or special bullets to kill the enemies in the game. You can also unlock the gun with primary ammo. This type of gun has unlimited bullets which makes you dominate on your enemy.


This game Destiny 2 lightfall allows you to wear five armor suits at one time. These armor suits are filled with void, stasis, and arc that help your character to fight against the enemy in the game.


If you want to check your power level in the game, you can check the core stat. When you equip any gear, you increase the power ratings. You also need more power ratings to get access to more difficult activities in the game such as raids and nightfall strikes. Right now the first rating cap in this game is about 1320. But after the new release of queen witch, the power rating was increased to 1500.

Here are some control and signs in the game you need to understand

Resilience: How much damage you can survive

Mobility: How fast you jump and move in the game.

Recovery: how fast you can heal your health after damage.

Discipline: How fast you recharge your grenade.

Strength: How fast your melee attack recharges.

Intellect: How fast you can get super recharged.



Bright Dust


Bottom Line: Is the Traveler dead destiny 2 Lightfall?

So, this is all about is the traveler dead destiny 2 lightfall? Well, after all, thorough research, I think that it might be possible for Amanda (character) to get revived by the ghost. And with the offensive attack, the traveler was not declared dead and survived again. After being awoken, the traveler remained calm and didn’t take any action against enemies.

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