15 Best Islands to Visit in 2023-2024

Islands are the perfect patch of sands with breathtaking landscapes where you can find an escape from the bustling routine while gazing at the serene surrounded blue sea.

These Best Islands to Visit in 2023 have its peculiar features that distinguish it from the others as some have crystalline clarity with thriving coral kingdoms and others contain velvety peaks and luxuriant jungles.

We have compiled a list of the best islands to visit in 2023 that enchant their visitors with sublime beaches, incredible topography, and cultural jewels.

1. Canary Islands

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a cluster of Spanish islands near the North African region of the Atlantic Ocean. Tenerife is the largest island in the archipelago of a total of seven islands that is a classic travel destination welcoming travelers with stunning botanical gardens, thrilling hiking trails, and inspiring art.

The best time to visit the Canary Islands like Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, etc. is in January. If your travel from New York, it will take you around 10h and 35 min flight for $860.

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2. Dojo Islands 

Dojo Islands

Dojo Islands are a cluster of four islands located in the Sea of Japan on the northern region of Shimane Prefecture coast.

These are not very congested islands as the largest one Oki Island only contains 15000 inhabitants within the 250 square kilometer size. The islands have everything to connect you with nature from towering and nature-sculpted cliffs to beaches and bay.

3. Riau Islands – Resorts and Hotels 

Riau Islands

Riau Islands are the best southeastern islands to visit. It’s the province of Indonesia with Batam as the largest city and Tanjung Pinang as the capital.

The most attractive spots of the islands include the Bareland Bridge walk, water sports on Aband Island, taking delicious Nasi Padang meal for lunch, staying at the Nongsa Point Marina Resorts, and eating seafood.

You can also take the ferry to visit Singapore which is just 20 km away from Batam.

4. ABC Islands

ABC Islands

ABC Islands is situated in the Caribbean Sea and collectively speaks for the islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.

When you land on the islands, don’t forget to taste delicious tropical root vegetables like breadfruit, cassava, chayote, Dasheen, green-skin avocado, leafy greens, hot peppers, and Tannia. Merge with the local people to learn their culture and values.

5. Tortola British Virgin Islands

Tortola British Virgin Islands

Tortola British Virgin Islands is the largest island from the archipelago of 50 islands and it’s also a part of the British overseas territory in Northeastern Caribbean.

The island has amazing sandy beaches and popular spots like Virgin Gorda where you can take a bath surrounded by the giant granite boulders. For visiting the island, you can take a ticket from American Airlines with a starting price of $656.

6. Cayman Island

Cayman Island

Cayman Island is another British oversea territory that is located in the south of Cuba and stretches to around 264 square kilometers carrying the largest population.

The island has the highest per capita with GDP $91,392 and also has a higher standard of living. The main attractions of Cayman Island include Stingray City, Seven Miles Beach, Cayman Turtle Center, Cayman crustal caves, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, and George Town.

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7. Society Islands

Society Islands tahiti

Society Islands are a cluster of fourteen islands with Tahiti as the largest one situated in the South Pacific Ocean and are administered by the French government.

You can have several fun activities on the islands as visiting Matira Beach & Le Meridien Beach, purchasing traditional things from Papeete Market, and hiking the 2385 ft high Mt. Otemanu. The other popular island of French Polynesia is Bora Bora

8. Channel Islands

Channel Islands

The Channel Islands is an archipelago consisting of several islands: Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney, Herm, Hethou, etc.

During Channel Island Heritage Festival, the whole islands just light up with the joy of festivity that can be experienced by visiting the historical sites on special opening, and having theme guided to Sy. Helier, Goery, etc.

9. Azores Islands

Azores Islands

Azores Islands are located in Portuguese territory consisting of nine volcanic islands in the region of North Atlantic Ocean.

These are the best islands to visit in 2023 that are simply considered the Hawaii of Europe. Azores Islands will keep you engaged because of the demand and thrilling activities such as hiking on Lagoa doing Fogo Trial on Sao Miguel, go to whale watching in the Atlantic waters, and enjoying the panoramic view from the summit of Mount Pico.

10. Seychelles Islands

Seychelles Islands

Seychelles Islands is a cluster of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean spreading around several kilometers from the mainland of Africa and are one of the best islands to visit in 2023.

The lush greenery and gorgeous towering mountains make the islands a paradise for travelers with the places like Beau Vallon which has tall palm trees and soft sand. On the other hand, you can also visit Anse Volbert Beach located in Praslin Island.

With the Copolia trail, visitors leave their rooms and comfort zones to capture a better view of the capital city of Seycheeles Islands, Victoria.

11. Aran Islands

Aran Islands Best Islands to Visit in 2023

Aran Islands are a cluster of three Best Islands to Visit in 2023: Inishmore (largest), Inishmaan, and Inisheer. They are located in the western region of Ireland right in the middle of Galway Bay.

Aran Islands are the best islands to visit and analyze the history of the Irish civil war. You can perch on the prehistoric stone forts, Dun Aonghasa, to have a spectacular picnic with your family and friends.

The other activities on the islands include visiting the Seven Churches, and the Black Fort situated on cliff Cill Einne.

12. Easter Caribbean Islands

Easter Caribbean Islands

Easter Caribbean Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea that includes Saint Martin, La Desirade, Barbuda, Navis, East Caicos, Unions Islands, Carriacou, etc. You can visit these islands at any time of the year because of the moderate temperature on the islands.

During the hurricane season which probably starts in June and Ends in November, you must beware to stay away from those islands because there is a possibility to be afflicted by the disaster.

13. Cocos Islands

Cocos Islands

Cocos Islands are a cluster of 27 islands situated between Australia and Sri Lanka. These islands are Australian external territories in the Indian Ocean that are relatively close to Sumatra, Indonesian Island.

The most popular activity includes deep diving as there are around 30 regular dive sites with better visibility of around 20 to 30 meters.

During the diving experience, you may encounter reef sharks, turtles, dolphins, tuna, wrasse, and Kat. You can also have a home Eco tour to learn about the unique culture of the islanders which are only 450 in number.

14. Spratly Islands

Spratly Islands

The Spratly Islands are clustered of islands in the South China Sea which administration is divided between the neighboring countries including, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei.

The region remains under strain because of administrative disputes over the islands’ territory however, they still remain open for visitors.

15. Maldives 

Best Islands to Visit in 2023

Whether you desire to explore the inhabited or non-inhabited islands, you can get it from the Maldives. As the country consists of 1190 islands when 200 of them are completely pristine and non-inhabited.

These Best Islands to Visit in 2023 have plenty to offer for its visitor as visiting the world’s smallest capital city of Male and its fish market, learning about the 1656-built Mosque of Hukuru Miskiiy, and ultimately trying to discover the cause of sinking the ship, Maldive Victory, in 1981.

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