Hotels vs Motels: What’s The Difference?

When you are planning a getaway, you usually have many options to choose from. Normally, you choose your ideal location. However, finding a place to stay becomes a challenge.

These come in two variants: hotels and motels. While both are similar in purpose, their scale differs in terms of amenities and budget. The common factor is they provide you with a place to stay near popular tourist attractions.

Differences Between Hotels And Motels

If you are a first-time traveler, you should consider their offerings before booking. It can determine how your getaway will turn out.

Check out the difference between hotels and motels here!

Differences Between Hotels And Motels

As travelers, you can choose how our getaways will be. You can splurge your budget on a hotel stay or go low-key in a motel.

The differences between hotels and motels include the following


Hotels vs Motels

A hotel is a large enclosed building built on a big property. If you own a car, they have many parking spaces for you. They feature hundreds of rooms across multiple floors. To get to your hotel room, you use the elevator to access your room.

Inside the hotel premises, they have many amenities, including a restaurant, pool, spa, bar, and fitness center. These amenities are one of the basic requirements for any hotel. They also offer internet access when you check in at the lobby.

When you enter your room, you get a bed, television, closet, a safe, and access to the bathroom. You can get new toiletries as per hotel management protocols. You can contact room service if your room needs cleaning or if you order food from the restaurant.

However, room service is subject to availability. Their hours of operation are found in the hotel lobby. So if you book a hotel in San Juan La Union, you get access to these amenities. Keep in mind that a hotel stay has higher costs.


Hotels vs Motels

In contrast to hotels, motels are a smaller variety of hotels. They only have two or three floors, and you use the stairs to access the rooms. Their locations tend to be close to roads or highways, but they are near tourist attractions. Motels are ideal for short stays.

One catch of motels is they have fewer amenities. You get a parking space, a small lobby, and rooms of your choice. There are no restaurants, bars, fitness centers, spas, or pools.

If they do have food to offer, they are only limited to basic breakfast meals. Fortunately, their rooms have bathrooms where you can freshen up. Due to fewer amenities, staying in a motel is cheaper.

Choosing Your Stay

Atlantis the Palm Dubai Hotel Room
Hotel people
Stay in a Hotel

Whether you choose to stay in a hotel or motel, the important thing is you have a place to stay. If your budget is willing to spend a little more, go for hotels. On the other hand, motels are a good option if you only need somewhere to sleep.

Wrapping Up

The differences between staying in a motel and a hotel are their amenities. A hotel is bigger than a motel but is more expensive to stay in. Depending on a traveler’s budget, they have a place to stay while visiting tourist attractions. Ultimately, choosing between the two comes down to a traveler’s itinerary.

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