Disneyland Paris Holidays – What Are Some Hacks to Enjoy More?

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If you’re thinking about planning Disneyland Paris Holidays with kids, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of activities and entertainment options for them to enjoy from the time they come in  and until they leave the place.

But there are several Disneyland Paris hacks that parents can use. They are perfect for making the trip easier for themselves and their children. So, they guarantee that they will have a fantastic experience.

Do not forget to bring or rent a baby stroller.

There’s no denying the sheer majesty of the Disneyland Paris website. Staying at a Disney resort hotel close by still requires some travel time to reach the theme parks. Once you enter, you’ll have the day to explore the grounds.

Even the most confident walkers should pack an emergency stroller in case their legs become weary from all the thrill of racing from ride to ride.

Strollers may be rented at Town Square Terrace, next to Disneyland Park’s entrance, and Studio Services, close to Disney California Adventure Park’s entrance, if you’d rather not bring your own on vacation.

Make plans to meet up with their favorite character in advance.

For younger kids, meeting their favorite Disney characters will be an unforgettable experience. But if you go up to the park hoping to meet a certain princess or mouse, you could be disappointed, especially during peak times.

A great option for kids to get up close and personal with their favorite Disney characters is during one of the many character breakfasts or lunches offered at Disney resorts and theme parks. Contact your travel agent or visit the Disneyland Paris website to include them in your reservation (at an extra cost).

Character encounters sell out fast, so if you want to participate, make reservations as soon as you know when you’ll be in town.

Never forget to visit Fantasyland 

Never forget to visit Fantasyland 

Younger children will feel more at home at Fantasyland, despite the fact that the Disneyland Paris parks are full of thrilling rides and exciting experiences and amazing activities for kids. This section caters to families with smaller children by including rides and attractions that are safer and more in keeping with the kind of movies that appeal to youngsters.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, and It’s a Small World are some of the park’s most popular attractions for younger guests. Just bring some headphones so you can shut out that one song that everyone knows but gets old after the fourth time they hear it.

Preparing a day bag

The retail options in Disneyland are many. Sad to say, baby wipes and extra dummies are less common than a stuffed Mini Mouse or a Star Wars pencil case. Pack a small, necessary bag and plan ahead. All of the campgrounds have wonderful restrooms and changing facilities. However, you may want to bring your own diapers during your Disneyland Paris Holidays, just in case.

Disneyland Paris Holidays

Bringing reusable water bottles is one of our favorite recommendations for frugal families visiting Disneyland Paris. Having fun makes you thirsty, but bottled beverages may add up in expense. But don’t worry. There are free water refill stations conveniently located around the parks. Water is also the better choice.

Other necessary musts, particularly throughout Spring and Summer, are sunscreen and hats for everyone. The caverns and playground next to Adventure Island are great places to escape the heat of the day.

Consume meals in both the early and late hours

Between the hours of 12 and 2, you’ll see a stampede for food at the Disneyland Paris theme parks and hotels. The quick food joints have huge lines, and the restaurants scattered around the parks are often full.

Planning your meals in advance with the hotel is a good idea if you don’t want to waste time each day deciding what to eat while you’re too exhausted to think straight. There is a wide variety of food available at most Disney hotels, including buffets for breakfast and dinner and light fare for lunch.

You could skip lunch and fill up on a little snack instead. Or you could have a substantial breakfast and a light snack in the afternoon. For sustained energy, make sure to bring along some fresh fruit, as well as some nuts and seeds.

Remember the parades and performances as well

It’s easy to become stuck in a rut of having children wait in line for rides over and over again, but a performance or parade could be more appealing to kids who are becoming restless while waiting. Throughout the day, smaller parades take place, and in the late afternoon/early evening, there is a massive procession followed by fireworks. Grab a good vantage position and have fun trying to locate your child’s favorite characters in the parade.

The performances at Disneyland are so good that even adults enjoy them. There will be opportunities for kids to interact and get involved in the music, and you can be sure that there will be plenty of the most famous songs and scenes from every Disney film imaginable.

Get dressed up in advance for Disneyland Paris Holidays

It’s a sure bet that the minute your children set eyes on the Disney costumes for sale on Main Street, they’ll want to dress up as their favorite characters. The souvenirs sold within Disneyland Paris may be rather dear as well, so it’s a good idea to employ the classic “I’ve purchased it for you, and it’s being delivered to our home” trick, then take a picture of the item and purchase something similar online at a lesser price.

Give yourself some time to relax.

On your journey to Disneyland, don’t forget to take some time to enjoy yourself. The Disney hotels at Disneyland Paris have professional babysitters available so that you can enjoy a night out without the kids or let them experience the thrills of the “big kid” attractions while you get some rest. Remember that this comes at a cost. Also, make good use of the time you have available by scheduling a babysitter in advance.

Relax for a while

During the summer and winter break, the Disneyland parks see an influx of visitors. Remember to go away from the hustle and bustle of the main drag. Do it if the atmosphere starts to grow tense, or the crowds get overwhelming.

Ride entrances and retail sections get the most foot traffic. But the waterfront near the Frontierland Theatre is usually less crowded. Next door, there is a shaded playground where you may take a break and enjoy some refreshments.

Adventure Isle is one of our favorite “relaxed” attractions since it doesn’t have any rides but instead is a leisurely stroll around a succession of islands.

Find the perfect lodgings.

Booking a stay at a Disney hotel is almost mandatory for guests staying in Disneyland Paris for several days. There are a total of six famous hotels on the Disneyland Resort property. They range from the luxurious Disneyland Hotel (just next to the park entrance) to the rustic Hotel Cheyenne (with a Wild West motif).

It is possible to organize character encounters at any of the Disney hotels. Also, each one has unique offerings for kids of varying ages. Your closeness to the parks is an important consideration. In contrast, the Newport Bay Hotel and the Disneyland Hotel are located significantly closer to the activity. The Hotel Santa Fe and the Hotel Cheyenne are just a short bus shuttle away. If money is an issue, but you’d prefer not to spend too much time transporting them, you may want to consider staying closer to the action.

Delicious Fun and Fantastical Food Meet in Disneyland Paris Hotels

Both Disneyland and Disneyland Paris include tremendous arrays of attractions, rides, and themed areas. Each of the eateries in this enchanted place has its own unique theme, food, and special feature. So, they are ideal to fit in with the overall fantasy vibe of the park. There is a variety of options, from quick bites to full-service restaurants, for your dining needs. So, you have to plan your Cheap all-inclusive Holidays now!

Most eateries provide special menus for kids, so they may have fun while they eat. Numerous Disney establishments provide both delicious cuisine and fun activities for children. The Rainforest Cafe is a good example; it’s designed to seem like a rainforest and has an aquarium with exotic fish and animated critters. To fully immerse yourself in the wilderness atmosphere, you may expect to hear the sounds of a rainstorm and other animals while you dine. The Pizza Planet from the first Toy Story movie has also been recreated. While waiting for their pizza, the kids may have fun on the playground or in the arcade.

What possibilities do I have

There are other possibilities for parents who want a finer dining experience. The Steakhouse is one of the few Disneyland Paris fine-dining establishments; it is an upscale warehouse restaurant themed after Chicago’s famous steakhouses. Fantastic steaks are served with linen tablecloths, wood-panel walls, and fine silverware. You may also stay at Auberge de Cendrillon. It looks like a mix between a traditional fairytale castle and a French country home. It also serves traditional French cuisine. In addition, there is an excellent variety of French wines to choose from.

Some eateries, like Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, have made providing entertainment for their patrons the major attraction. The show is performed in the manner of a spaghetti western as diners watch. It’s a fun and colorful way to dine with friends and family! Alternatively, you may pretend you’re in a tropical paradise by ordering food from Blue Lagoon. Enjoy seafood prepared in the Creole way in a setting reminiscent of a desert island, complete with palm tree-lined tables. The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor is a throwback ice cream parlor. Here, you may pick from a variety of nostalgic flavors for dessert.

There are excellent dining options outside of the theme parks as well to enjoy your Package Holidays. The Disneyland resort hotels each include their own unique themed dining options and cafés. Of course, if you’d prefer to stay at one of the more affordable area hotels, you can still take advantage of Disneyland’s wide variety of restaurants.

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