Best Apps to Get Help During Travel

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Whether you travel to a far away or just visiting your nearest city, there are many apps you can use to make your trip easier. There are apps for getting around, finding accommodation and finding a place to sleep. There are apps that will help you plan your trip, too.

1. TripWhistle

Whether you’re traveling on business or vacation, TripWhistle is one of the best apps to get help during travel. This app provides you with critical information and emergency numbers for nearly 200 countries. It also provides GPS coordinates and street addresses.

You can also use TripWhistle to send your location to friends and family, or to emergency service providers. 

It also includes information on health, safety and medical care. You can find information on vaccinations and tips for travelers.

Another handy app for travelers abroad is WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp to send text messages and make voice calls without incurring SMS fees. You can also use this app to translate your text messages, handwriting or audio and also translate menus and pictures.

The Happy Cow app helps travelers maintain a vegetarian diet while traveling. It also provides vegan food options. The app also locates natural food stores. It also includes recipes for 180 countries.

2. Google Maps

Whether you’re planning a road trip or just traveling to a new place, Google Maps can help you get where you’re going faster. It’s loaded with helpful features and has some of the best coverage in the world. These features will help you find your way and avoid surprises along the way.

The best part about Google Maps is that it comes with offline capabilities, so you can access it even if you’re not connected to the Internet. You can save offline maps to your Google account and retrieve them later.

The app features live traffic updates and step-by-step directions. You can also add additional destinations or pins using GPS coordinates.

Another feature that helps you plan your trip is the Pickup feature. You can use this to order groceries, book reservations and track the status of your order. The Pickup feature also allows you to share your ETA with the store or restaurant.

The app also features a new Area Busyness feature that monitors foot traffic in an area. This feature can help you avoid traffic jams by showing you where people are going. This feature will also alert you to roadwork and police activity.

3. LikeALocal

Using the right travel apps can help you make the most of your trip. Some work everywhere while others are location specific. No traveler should leave home without their mobile phone and a few apps to help them. Travel apps can help you find the best restaurant, the cheapest gas stations, the best hotel, and the cheapest flight.

Like A Local is like Yelp for tourists. It provides a local’s perspective on the best places to visit and how to get there. You can also search by location and get local suggestions. It also features a map powered by GetYourMap.

The OodyMate app is a great way to discover local restaurants and create personalized dining experiences. It also comes with an impressive database of more than 200,000 public toilets. Flush also alerts you when a restroom is available nearby.

It’s also a good idea to download an app that provides maps. This is particularly useful if you’re traveling to Asia. Waze, for example, provides traffic data based on community input. It also shows you which routes are fastest. It also provides detailed maps of major roadways.

The Google Translate app is also available for Android and iOS. It supports more than 80 languages and can translate up to 100 people at a time. You can even translate texts and spoken phrases.

4. TPG App

Getting help from the best apps while you’re traveling can be a real time saver. These apps are easy to use and provide real time tips and suggestions. You can even get emergency help if you need it without an internet connection.

The TPG App (formerly known as The Points Guy) is one of the best apps to get help from during travel. It helps you track your credit card points and mileage, as well as offers you suggestions on how to best maximize your earning potential.

It’s also great for storing all your loyalty points in one place. The TPG App also offers a curated news feed that provides travelers with the latest news and tips on credit card rewards.

The TPG App also allows you to track your progress towards earning a welcome bonus on your credit card. You’ll also get personalized guidance on how to spend your points. This app will also let you link your favorite frequent flyer program.

The TPG App also provides travel tips and safety information. You’ll also receive push notifications based on where you’re located. The app also includes an Award Explorer that will show you which destinations have the most rewards and what you can do to earn more points.

5. LoungeBuddy

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can access airport lounges around the world with the help of LoungeBuddy. This app is designed to save travelers time and stress, and to help them find the best lounges at the airport.

The app works by using your phone’s location to show you which lounges are closest to you. The app will also give you a list of partner locations. It helps you sort through lounges based on their amenities, credit card benefits, and status.

LoungeBuddy find lounges near the airport, and it tells you whether you can access them for free or pay for a day pass. It also lets you share photos of the lounges, rate them, and set your home airport. You can also request invitations.

Lounges at airports can provide a nice respite from the chaos. They offer comfortable seating, snacks, drinks, and restrooms. They also offer quiet places for you to work, shower, or relax after a red-eye flight. Some lounges are even geared toward business travel, and they may have business centers.

You can also book airport lounges on demand with an American Express card. You can reserve them up to two months in advance.

6. Couchsurfing

During travel, it can be helpful to make friends in the city you are visiting. A couchsurfing app can be a great way to make friends and meet people in the area. It can also help you find accommodations in a new city.

Couchsurfing is a free social travel website. It allows users to create public trips, which let their hosts know when they will be visiting their destination. The website also allows users to meet people who share similar interests.

Couchsurfing is a great way to meet locals, learn about the culture of a new place, and experience life like a local. It can also save you money by letting you stay in a place where you can save money on food and transportation. You might also meet someone who can give you local advice that can save you money.

Couchsurfing can be a great way to get away from the tourist traps. You can meet locals, learn about the local culture, and even learn some of the language of the country.

Couchsurfing can be uncomfortable, and it is not a romantic way to spend your time. It can also attract unsavoury types. The best way to avoid this is to be upfront, honest, and direct.

7. HEHA!

HEHA is one of the best travel apps for travelers. It provides users with a social network for sharing travel ideas and recommendations. Besides, it can help you stay organized and create a comprehensive itinerary.

HEHA is available for iOS and Android devices. It provides travel inspiration, trip planning, and exclusive discounts. It’s also a great way to save your trip ideas and share them with friends and family. You can also save videos, web links, images, and custom notes.

Travelers can also use Waze to get directions and find the cheapest gas stations. Waze also includes community-based traffic data. It can also give you alerts about hazards. You can choose a voice for your journey, customize your experience, and select a type of vehicle.

Another travel app is iExit, which is designed to show users nearby services such as ATMs and gas stations. The app also has a pinned photo map that users can tag and save. You can also bookmark favorite places, and see what other users have found.

Another travel app is Lonely Planet. It offers tips and suggestions for travelers, including the best places to visit, things to do, and local cuisine. It also has an exclusive feature that allows travelers to save their luggage.

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