11 Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

Florida is a beautiful place to live with its sunny weather and miles of beaches. However, did you know that it is also home to some of the most dangerous cities in the country? Crime rates in these cities are alarmingly high which can make living there a risky proposition. In this post, we have compiled a list of the 11 most dangerous cities in Florida based on crime statistics.

We will look at each city’s crime rate, violent crime rate, and property crime rate, and explore why they rank so high on the list. If you live in Florida or are planning to move there soon, read on to learn about these cities and how to stay safe if you find yourself in one of them.

1. Lake City

Lake City

Lake City, located in the Sunshine State, has a high crime rate with both violent and property crimes. Despite its lower population compared to other populous cities in Florida, it still exhibits a high crime rate per capita. This is primarily attributed to drug-related crimes and poverty in the area.

In recent years, the city has increased police presence and implemented community programs to address these issues. Visitors and residents are advised to stay vigilant and take precautions when in Lake City or any other dangerous city in Florida.

2. Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach, located in the Sunshine State, has a crime rate almost three times higher than the national average, making it the third most dangerous city in Florida. Despite efforts by the police department and community outreach programs, the crime rate remains consistently high.

Visitors and residents are advised to take precautions in this populous city in Palm Beach County. The city, situated on the Atlantic coast, has seen some of the highest violent crimes in recent years according to FBI data.

3. Cocoa


Cocoa, located in the Sunshine State, stands as the third most dangerous city in Florida. The city’s high crime rate, including violent crimes like aggravated assault and robbery, as well as prevalent property crimes such as burglary and theft, are concerning.

Factors contributing to this scenario include poverty, drug use, and gang activity. Despite these challenges, law enforcement and community organizations in Cocoa, Florida, supported by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, have been actively working to enhance public safety in recent years.

4. Florida City

Florida City

Florida City, located in the Sunshine State, has gained notoriety for being one of the most dangerous cities in Florida according to FBI data. The city has experienced a high rate of violent crimes, including aggravated assault and robbery, making it the third most dangerous city in the state.

Despite efforts by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and community policing initiatives, Florida City continues to grapple with the challenge of reducing crime rates. In recent years, the populous city has struggled to address the high crime rates, particularly nonnegligent manslaughter and the drug trade prevalent in the area.

5. Lake Worth

Lake Worth

Lake Worth, located in the sunshine state of Florida, exhibits a higher crime rate compared to other populous cities. The city’s large homeless population contributes to this trend, while drug use remains a common issue, leading to an increase in crime rates, including some of the most violent crimes.

However, the police department has been proactive in addressing these concerns through community outreach programs as part of efforts to reduce crime. Visitors are advised to remain cautious and aware of their surroundings when in Lake Worth.

6. Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, located in the Sunshine State, has gained notoriety for its high crime rates, making it one of the most dangerous cities in Florida. Property crimes, such as thefts and burglaries, are prevalent, along with concerning rates of violent crimes like assault and murder.

To combat this, the city has increased police presence and implemented various community programs in recent years, aiming to enhance safety and reduce criminal activities.

Visitors and residents alike are advised to take necessary precautions, such as securing their valuables to avoid becoming a victim of a violent crime.

7. Lauderhill


Lauderhill, located in the Sunshine State, has a crime rate surpassing the national average, positioning it among the most dangerous cities in Florida. The city grapples with prevalent violent crimes like murder, assault, and robbery, along with a high incidence of property crimes including burglary and theft.

Lauderhill Police Department has initiated various programs to combat crime, such as community policing and surveillance cameras. Residents are encouraged to stay vigilant and invest in security systems for protection.

8. Orlando


Orlando, located in the Sunshine State, has a high crime rate index of 44, making it one of the most dangerous cities in Florida. Violent crime, including assault and robbery, is a major concern with a rate of 6.65 per 1,000 residents.

Property crime is also prevalent, with theft, burglary, and motor vehicle theft rates higher than the national average. Certain areas like Pine Hills and Metro West experience higher crime rates. Law enforcement agencies are actively combating crime through community policing initiatives.

9. Pahokee


Pahokee, a small Florida city, grapples with a high crime rate, recording 14.2 violent crimes and 57.7 property crimes per 1,000 residents. The city’s poverty rate contributes to its crime statistics, despite its small population.

However, law enforcement and community members are actively collaborating to enhance safety in Pahokee. This partnership reflects a concerted effort to address the city’s crime issues by promoting a safer environment through strategic initiatives.

10. Bunnell


Bunnell, situated in Flagler County, is listed among Florida’s most perilous cities, exhibiting elevated rates of both violent and property crimes. The area grapples with prevalent drug-related offenses and thefts. Despite its comparatively small population, Bunnell’s per capita crime rate surpasses that of numerous larger Florida cities.

In response, local law enforcement agencies and community leaders are diligently collaborating to tackle the crime surge and enhance safety within the city.

11. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach, located in the Sunshine State, has a crime rate that surpasses the national average, especially in recent years. Property crime statistics have shown a noticeable increase, prompting escalated law enforcement efforts to combat violent crime.

Renowned for its spring break festivities, the city’s high crime rate is a concern for both residents and tourists. The focus on maintaining safety is crucial for a city known for its theme parks and beautiful Atlantic coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors contribute to a city being considered dangerous?

Factors that lead to a city being deemed dangerous can include high crime rates, gang activity, poverty, drug use, and inadequate law enforcement. Additional factors may encompass natural disasters, political instability, and economic turmoil. It is crucial to research the safety of a city before visiting or moving there.

What are some safety measures that residents and visitors can take in these cities?

Residents and visitors can enhance their safety in these cities by avoiding walking alone at night and in poorly lit areas. It’s crucial to keep doors locked and windows closed, especially at night. Being aware of surroundings, trusting instincts, and leaving immediately if something feels off is essential. Staying informed about local crime trends and avoiding high-crime areas is also recommended.

Are there any initiatives or programs in place to improve safety in these cities?

To enhance safety in these cities, various initiatives and programs have been implemented. Community policing initiatives are prevalent, along with increased funding for law enforcement and surveillance systems. Some areas have also adopted crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) programs. Additionally, community outreach programs, neighborhood watch groups, and citizen patrols contribute to improving safety.

Are there any commonalities among the 11 most dangerous cities in Florida, such as demographics or economic factors?

Yes, there are commonalities among the 11 most dangerous cities in Florida. These cities have high poverty rates and low median incomes, which contribute to their higher-than-average crime rates, particularly for violent crimes. However, it’s important to recognize that each city has its own unique factors that contribute to its level of danger.


In conclusion, it’s important to be aware of the safety risks associated with certain cities in Florida. While these cities may have higher crime rates compared to others, it’s essential to remember that these statistics do not define the entire state.

As with any travel destination, it’s wise to take precautions, stay vigilant, and be aware of your surroundings. By staying informed and making informed decisions, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while visiting or living in Florida.


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