Understanding Window Repair Services at ARTAN Window Works – A Senior’s Guide

Hello there! I’m here to explain all about the window repair services we provide at ARTAN Window Works. Our team understands that dealing with window issues can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve made things simple and easy to understand, especially for our senior friends.

Detailed Service Breakdown

Understanding Window Repair Services

1. Fixing Windows That Don’t Close Right (Window Adjustment)

What We Do: We make sure your windows open and close smoothly, just like they should.

Why It’s Important: Stiff or stuck windows can be a real hassle, and they can let in cold air in the winter.

How We Do It: Our team carefully adjusts and aligns your windows, ensuring they work without any trouble.


2. Repairing Old Wooden Windows

Our Service: We fix up wooden windows, making them look and work as good as new.

Benefits: Besides looking great, well-maintained wooden windows help in keeping your home warm and cozy.

Our Approach: Our experts treat the wood, repair any damaged parts, and apply special coatings to protect them from weather.

3. Replacing Broken Glass

The Need: Broken or cracked window glass can be unsafe and inefficient.

Our Solution: We replace the damaged glass with new, high-quality glass that improves your home’s insulation and safety.

4. Fixing the Parts That Help Windows Open and Close (Window Mechanism Repair)

Common Issues: Windows that won’t stay open, close, or lock properly.

What We Do: We repair or replace the parts that are causing the problem, so your windows work perfectly.

5. Sealing Gaps in Windows (Window Recaulking)

Purpose: To stop drafts and leaks, making your home more comfortable.

Our Method: We remove old caulking and apply new, durable caulking to seal any gaps.

6. Putting New Putty Around the Glass (Window Reglazing)

Why It’s Needed: Old putty can crack and let in drafts.

Our Process: We carefully remove the old putty and replace it with new, sealing your windows against the elements.

7. Repairing or Replacing Window Screens

Importance: Keeps bugs out while letting fresh air in.

Service Details: We mend tears or completely replace the screen, depending on what’s needed.

8. Custom Glass Cutting

Custom Needs: Perfect for special glass sizes for tables, cabinets, etc.

Our Precision: We cut the glass precisely to fit your unique requirements.

Why Choose ARTAN Window Works?

Our team, with years of experience, understands the unique needs of our senior customers. We provide patient, respectful service, ensuring that every repair enhances the comfort and safety of your home.

Invitation to Our Services

We invite you to give us a call and let us take care of your window worries. At ARTAN Window Works, we’re committed to making your home a better place with windows that work beautifully.

Address: 13 Glen Ln, Glen Head, NY 11545

Phone: 516-788-8810

Email: artanwindowworks@gmail.com

Working Hours: Mon to Fri – 08 AM to 06 PM, Saturday – 10 AM to 03 PM, Sunday – Closed

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