Chadar Trek – Adventurous Holiday Tour

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A Chadar Trek trip to Ladakh, India is one of the most adventurous holiday tour options in the world, and also one of the longest treks around the Zanskar Range in the Himalayas. You can book from banbanjara and view the beautiful settings of frozen waterfalls, frozen streams and frozen meadows all around you while trekking through this place to see some of the most impressive mountain peaks in the world with your own eyes. Plus, you’ll get to explore Monasteries and Stupas (Tibetan temples) built during ancient times that are still standing to this day.

About Chadar trek

The Chadar trek is one of the best treks in India and perhaps the world when it comes to adventure tourism. This trek offers you a thrilling experience of crossing the frozen Zanskar river, which lies at an altitude of 12000 ft above sea level in the middle of winter from December to March. Trekking in winter has become very popular in the last few years, but the Chadar Trek tour in Zanskar valley of Ladakh is the most famous trek in India and around the world.

Chadar trek is an Adventurous trip in Ladakh. The most adventurous tour of Ladakh is Chadar trekking adventure. Chadar trekking is a thrilling walk on frozen Zanskar river for two to three days during winter season in Ladakh . The Chadars are semi-permanent sheets of ice, formed each year when water from melting snow flows into and across channels that run through narrow gorges in Ladakh’s high altitude region between October and May.

Advantages of Chadar trek

The lure of Ladakh lies in its stark beauty and pristine natural environment. For trekkers, Ladakh is a paradise. Every year, thousands of adventure lovers from all over India flock to the high altitude region of Ladakh to see it for themselves. Over time, they have made their way onto one of its most exciting treks-the Chadar trek or ‘snow walk’ as it’s known locally. So what exactly is Chadar trek? What makes it so popular among nature enthusiasts?

What do you get on Chadar trek

You will be one of those lucky people who get an opportunity to visit Leh. You can spend a day or two there and then move to Zanskar Valley and spend some days there. It is possible to see both these regions in a single trip but if you want to explore each place fully, you need two separate trips. The different places which are worth visiting in Zanskar valley include Spituk, Stongdey, Karsha monastery and many more.

How to plan for chadar trek

Traveling to Ladakh is not a trip for everybody, so it is important to plan carefully before embarking on such an adventurous holiday. The first thing that you need to plan for is a holiday tour of Ladakh. You will require a packed lunch and warm clothes to deal with extreme cold conditions of minus 30 degrees Celsius at night time in winter season. Every year more than 20,000 tourists visit Ladakh and about 80 percent are foreigners.

Where to stay in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh’s hotels and guest houses cater to all kinds of travelers. There are luxury hotels in Leh Ladakh that offer all sorts of amenities; there are budget accommodations and simple dormitories, too. In between you’ll find a range of services and rates. While you can stay at a homestay for more cultural exposure, it’s good to know your options when planning your trip — here’s what’s out there.

Clothing required on chadar trek

Only comfortable clothes are required for chadar trek. People coming for the Chadar tour should prefer warm clothes. Mittens, woolen caps and jackets would be a good choice to keep you warm throughout your Chadar trek. Your legs should be covered with trouser socks and pants in order to avoid any kind of cuts or bruises on your legs while walking on snow. Trekking shoes are also highly recommended as they are suitable for snow trekking, sturdy and durable.

How to reach Leh from Delhi/Manali/Kaza

Delhi- Manali-Leh Highway – In order to travel from Delhi, you have to reach Manali first. You can either take a flight from Delhi or a train from New Delhi Railway Station.

Important points before starting the trek

Don’t be shocked by snowfall during your trip. You must prepare yourself to adventure through three main passes and twenty-two smaller ones where you may face a whiteout blizzard. The trek requires ice axes, crampons, helmets and ropes depending on weather conditions. Remember to be cautious at all times as these are glaciers! Many people have died doing Chadar trekking.

First day experience – Elegant Leh Palace tour

Our first stop on Chadar trek is historic Leh Palace that is commonly known as Tsemo Gompa. Built in 1505, Leh Palace was once a palatial home for kings of Ladakh. It was later converted into Buddhist gompas and now stands as an important structure in Leh city. This former palace comprises four major attractions including Shakyamuni Buddha statue, Thuksey Rinpoche’s tomb, 6th century Drolma statue, and Namgyal Palri temple.

Second day experience – Don’t miss Panamik Village and snow scapes

On the second day of our adventurous trip on Chadar trek, we start at Panamik village which takes us about 2-3 hours. From here you can have a beautiful view of snow capped mountains and glacial lakes which is one of most amazing scapes I have ever seen in my life.

Third day experience – Visit Diskit Monastery and Hemis Gompa at night

This is for those who want to try night hiking and also visit two famous monasteries. Diskit Monastery is at a lower altitude than Hemis Gompa, so some people start with that one while others prefer to leave it till last. Hemis monastery being at a high altitude can be very cold in winters. So if you are an experienced hiker, you could complete both these days in 3 days. Hiking time is from morning 7:00 am to late afternoon around 2-3 pm.

Fourth day experience – Listen to music at Rizong Monastery

In Rizong village, there is a monastery called Rizong Monastery located on a hillside. This place is regarded as one of the most sacred places in Leh. And holds some of the history of Buddhism. If you reach Rizong Monastery, then you will be overwhelmed by silence and peace emanating from every side. If you are an adventure traveler who loves to explore offbeat destinations. With an adventurous holiday tour, then Chadar trek route of 2023 is for you.

Fifth day experience – Snorkeling, rafting, and visiting Thiksey Gompa at sunset.

When you wake up after a refreshing sleep. You will be welcomed by a beautiful morning view of snow-capped mountains and majestic glaciers. After an early breakfast and when everyone is ready. We will pack our bags, sling them over our shoulders, and start walking towards Chadar trek. As we walk through an enchanting winter wonderland during daylight hours, at night we find ourselves walking on ice!


The Chadar Trek is an adventurous holiday tour that will let you experience a part of Ladakh’s culture. This trek is done in winter. When the frozen waters on top of Zanskar River form a sheet of ice. That can be walked upon. The best part about this trek is that it provides you with a peek into Ladakhi culture and way of life.

With Ladakh’s breathtaking mountains, warming fires, and excellent food at every stop. The Chadar Trek provides an experience not to be missed. If you’re looking for an adventure-packed holiday tour then this trek should be at the top of your list.

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